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Deep Discovery Session

Complex projects often lead to unexpected outcomes. That’s why at Care Digital, we prioritize thorough planning and deep client understanding before starting any project. We conduct a comprehensive Discovery meeting covering 11 crucial topics.

We start by understanding your business and goals, exploring special website functions that address your business needs, and discussing both short-term and long-term business objectives.

Our ultimate goal is to minimize potential issues during website development and align the website’s direction with your goals, ensuring we deliver the digital asset you expect.

Lean Performance Output

In website development, we use only the most appropriate tools and technologies. Our chosen tools must create efficient code as a baseline, use minimal resources, and adhere to universal development principles like Semantic HTML or Class-Based Builders. We also implement the BEM Method and focus on developing based on core CMS principles like WordPress, rather than unnecessarily relying on external plugins. Our team carefully discusses and decides on using external resources for each project.

Design Framework Focused

A beautiful, modern, and user-friendly website is key to creating a great user experience. We prioritize world-class Design Frameworks like ACSS, which comes with the BEM Method. This framework helps us create beautiful designs, easily modify all classes by adjusting design variables, and importantly, supports perfect display across all screen sizes with Fluid Responsive Design. This ensures that if overall design changes are needed, they can be made with just a few clicks (compared to adjusting design elements in some builders).

Strict Software Criteria

Choosing plugins or software without careful consideration can lead to stability, security, or performance issues. We have strict measures for screening software we use. We assess the real necessity of any software and if it’s something we can develop quickly ourselves, we choose that route for better flexibility and control. Our criteria include:

  • Reviews (>3.5 stars)
  • Total users (>5,000 Installs)
  • Update frequency (Last update < 6 months ago)
  • Software and company revenue model (Company sustainability)
  • Clear roadmap and changelog
  • After-sales support
  • Developer’s business concept and approach (Vision and service)

Enhance WordPress Security

We choose WordPress, one of the most popular platforms, but it comes with security risks that need professional management. Our team performs Enhanced Security Hardening by checking and installing over 350 additional code lines covering:

  • Header Security
  • Permission Limitation
  • Directory Access Limitation
  • Website Level Firewall
  • IP Whitelist (Limited Access)
  • RCE Attack Protection
  • Limiting capabilities in WP-Admin to only what’s necessary

This ensures your website is more secure and not an easy target for malicious attacks. For hosting, we use servers in a world-class Data Center in Germany, with top-tier connectivity standards and the strictest security and privacy control criteria. We enhance security through Server Hardening via robust Firewall rules, IP Whitelist access, and more.

Security Best Practice

Website security is always crucial. We implement international Security Best Practices to protect against both internal and external threats, covering security at all system levels:

  • Website Level: e.g., Code signature and 0-Day vulnerability patching
  • Server Level: e.g., Firewall, Port Limitation, and Isolated Environment
  • Network Level: e.g., Proxy, Network Rule, and Zero Trust (Optional)
  • User Credential & Permission: e.g., Principle of least user privilege and E2E Encryption Password Sharing

These are just some of the measures we use in setting up servers and websites, which we continuously improve to maintain the efficiency and security of our clients’ websites.

Full Ownership

Your website is a valuable marketing asset. We believe in our clients’ right to fully own their website and all data. Under our Full Ownership principle, no matter what happens, you’ll always have access to and control over these assets. We won’t restrict or tie you down in any way.

When the website is completed or our care ends, we’ll hand over:

  • Admin-level website account
  • Transfer of the domain-holding account at the Registrar
  • Free website migration service to a new provider
  • Basic website maintenance guide or website usage demonstration

We’ll provide documentation detailing access and usage steps so you can manage independently or easily delegate to others. Importantly, we won’t use your data or access rights for business advantages or demand additional service fees. You’ll have full ownership rights to your website and data.

Rights to Choose Vendor

We understand that business needs can change. You might need flexibility in choosing service providers that suit your evolving needs. We prioritize your freedom to choose providers without any commitments or additional costs from us.

In practice, this means once we’ve developed and delivered your website, you’re free to choose hosting services, website care packages, or further development with any provider you prefer. We won’t use your assets as leverage for business advantages.

We offer a Seamless Migration service, handling the transfer of your entire website and database, ensuring it’s immediately operational on your chosen new Hosting Provider with WordPress pre-installed.

Transparency and Communication

We believe transparency and effective communication are the foundation of a lasting relationship between us and our clients. This standard is at the heart of our work approach, aiming to build understanding and trust at every step.

From discussing project requirements and goals, we communicate with clients directly, clearly, and comprehensively about what’s possible and potential complexities during the project. We provide all necessary information for confident decision-making, without hiding or distorting facts. We’re ready to listen and adjust plans to align with changing needs.

This includes transparency about any issues, vulnerabilities, or security concerns. Given the nature of software, vulnerabilities are normal occurrences. Hiding security information from clients isn’t an honest practice. So, during development or after website launch, we’ll immediately notify you, providing clear information about potential impacts, solutions, and estimated completion times.

World-class Maintenance Protocol

Successfully developing and launching a website is just the beginning. Continuous care and maintenance following international standards are crucial for long-term stability, security, and smooth operation.

One of the most important steps is regular backups. We use the 3-2-1 Backup principle: 3 copies of data, on 2 different media, with 1 copy stored off-site. This protects against disasters or unforeseen events. We set up automatic backups at intervals based on the client’s package – daily, weekly, and monthly.

We also regularly check and update systems including CMS, Plugins, Templates, and Libraries to patch security vulnerabilities and improve performance. This includes performance tuning, Caching, and CDN connectivity for fast media access from all devices.

We also detect security breaches, intrusions, and data destruction attempts by malicious actors, following our security standards.

Sustainable Digital World

As part of the digital world, we’re responsible for creating a sustainable and inclusive online environment. Under our Sustainable Digital World concept, we prioritize equality, privacy, and information accessibility for all users.

We offer website development options that meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA, ensuring all users, regardless of gender, age, or physical condition, can fully access and benefit from website content. This includes adjustable text sizes, high-contrast colors, keyboard navigation support, and more, which are important for ESG Social guidelines compliance.

For privacy, we propose data collection through website usage tracking software that prioritizes privacy and meets strict regulations like GDPR and Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act. A key feature is not collecting Personal Identifier Information (PII).

We also recognize the importance of Open Source software. We choose to support open system software development, including WordPress, GPL-licensed plugins, and other productivity and business software that we gladly recommend to all our clients

Staying Ahead of the Curve

We’re aware that in the fast-changing digital world, standing still means falling behind. We prioritize studying and following new technology trends consistently.

We encourage our team to participate in seminars, training, and knowledge exchanges in various Tech Communities, both online and offline, to learn about new development approaches, tools, and processes. We then adapt these appropriately to our work.

We also support experimenting with new ideas and technologies in developing In-house Projects and Prototypes, testing capabilities and limitations before applying them to client projects. This ensures maximum benefit and minimal risk.

Clients can be confident that the websites, marketing strategies, and digital assets they receive from us are developed using the latest technologies and processes, always modern, secure, and highly efficient. Our goal is to be your trusted long-term partner.